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The Columbia River Gorge - How the Gorge was formed (and why radon testing is important).

If you've not experienced the Gorge, you're missing out on one of the most breathtaking places you can encounter. It doesn't matter what season or in what weather you experience it. The Gorge is pure magic. I've driven through the Gorge more times than I can count, but it was only last year on my daughter's field trip with her class that I learned of how it was formed.


We hiked to the top of "Beacon Rock" that day, and I managed to snap a couple terrible shots of a wonderous view.



Beacon Rock was once the core of a volcano which washed away with the Missoula Floods. It's now a state park (once fought over between Oregon and Washington) which you can hike to the top.

Here is a fascinating video about how the Missoula Floods carved the Northwest and the Gorge:

The floods left a byproduct of uranium behind - radon. It's important to know this when buying a home, especially in Vancouver. A relatively inexpensive test for radon is available, and radon is also easy and relatively inexpensive to mitigate.

I love the Gorge. I'm so fortunate I have the excuse to visit my family up there every chance I get. Not that I need an excuse!